Employee, Payroll, Accounts Payable and Business Fraud Detection

If you are an Internal auditor, fraud examiner, CPA, controller or accountant and need fraud detection analytic tools to help with employee fraud investigations, business of financial fraud audits or reviews, our analytics engine can help you.

  • Fraud audits
  • Employee fraud
  • Payroll fraud
  • Vendor fraud
  • Accounts payable fraud
  • Fraud prevention
Internal Audit Tool

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What does our fraud detection analytics software do?

We run more than a dozen separate tests with just the basic data. In fact over half the test for employee, payroll, accounts payable, check, and business fraud are run with just check data, check amount and payee. Here are the tests we run:

Benford’s law

single and double digits

Vendor payments same vendor same amount

Vendor payments same amount same day

Similar vendors

you set the similarity percentage

Payroll overpayment analysis

Payroll overtime analysis

Vendor/Employee address cross-check

Non-business day transaction

(US Holidays included

Under cut-off amounts

(you set the limits)


(also helps identify vendors putting stress on the business)

Relative size factor

Fictitious vendor search

(you select the search words like PO Box, or consultant)

Amounts Exactly

Twice as much as the other

Same First Four Digits

Amounts starting with

Amounts 5%

+/- the other

Tukey's Method

for Outliers Detection

Generate fraud analytics reports

Once the data is imported, you can review and identify transactions that may need further investigation. Our fraud analytics tool will help you save time and money when searching for employee fraud, payroll fraud, vendor or accounts payable fraud.

Business employee fraud embezzlement reports

Why Us?

Developed by CPAs for CPAs

We have developed these employee, payroll, check, and accounts payable fraud tests with over 25 years of experience in public accounting and in public and private businesses dealing with internal controls and fraud. We are Controllers, CFOs, CPAs and internal auditors. Instead of pouring over thousands of lines of transactions, we load the data into our fraud analytics system and the tests are generated automatically.

Business Fraud

The median duration for all of fraud cases is 16 months and the longer a fraud goes undetected, the larger the scheme will grow.

Fraud can be especially devastating to small businesses. They lose almost twice as much per fraud scheme than larger companies. Data monitoring, analysis and surprise audits were correlated with the largest reductions in fraud loss and duration. Yet, only 37% of victim organizations implemented these controls.

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